Resinbound Driveway – Case Study

Driveway - 33sqm


The client contacted us via email asking us to prepare a quote for his driveway, using our resin bound system.

We agreed on a site visit at a time convenient to the client. This is always advisable. Even though we can offer a preliminary quote over the phone, seeing the space we are to work with is necessary to offer a definite, accurate assessment. Once on site, we can take into account the context of the resin bound driveway, the access, judge the elevation, slope – if any. All these elements help us determine the best course of action and help minimise disruption when we work.

Once the assessment was complete, we could move on to drafting a quote. In this case, we prepared two estimates: for a tarmac base driveway and the other for a resin bound driveway with a tarmac base and the quote covered both aspects of the installation. We were happy to hear that the client chose us to deliver his resin bound driveway and we proceeded to agree a start day.


It takes three days to prepare and install the tarmac base.

Day 1

On the first day, we excavated 250 mm of ground to level the surface. We did not encounter any unexpected obstacles and were able to move on to what is known as ‘edging’. Edging protects the area from collapsing and is especially important in spaces of heavy use.

We secured the limits of the hollowed out area with cobblestones, in colour chosen by the client.

Day 2

As we completed the edging on day 1, we were able to fully dedicate the second day to the installation of the geotextile membrane. This helps protect the driveway from sinking as well as any unwanted weeds.

We covered it with 170 mm of mot type 3 crushed concrete, to achieve the desired level of the driveway.

Day 3

On day three we poured 60mm layer of 14 mm porous close graded surface coarse asphalt, for further protection of the surface.


Day 4

The fourth day, the final day of the assignment, we installed a 20 mm layer of resin – our resin bound stone system. This is the top layer, the one that is visible and the client chose the Amber Gold.