Resin Bound Garden Paths

Resin paths are an eco-friendly way out of a messy, high-maintenance garden footpaths situation

Garden Paths 

Garden paths can be irksome to maintain: pooling causing surfaces to sink creates an irritating trip hazard, soil spilling over from the flowerbeds destroys the shape of the garden, and heavy rain causes it all to flood. What is more, it becomes harder to maintain neat borders and you are forced to almost recreate the paths in your garden on an annual basis. There is a chance you are reading this paragraph, because you are looking for a solution to one or more of these issues. And resin bound paths are your answer.

Resin paths are an eco-friendly way out of a messy, high-maintenance garden footpaths situation.

Resin makes your garden tracks safer to use: permeable qualities of the surface should make you notice the difference after the first heavy rainfall. No puddles, no wet patches of dirty water.

Being non slip, resin pathways are easier to navigate, helping you stay on track, even in the rain.

As resin paths are laid by hand, we can probably make the most challenging landscaping design a reality. With steps, elevated areas, u-turns, irregular borders even special shapes – resin paths can make them all work beautifully.

The surface is hard wearing, with each pebble carefully coated in a UV-stable resin. This means that it is resistant not only to the everyday wear and tear, but to the destructive forces of sunlight as well. No cracking and no fading! So, should you wish to choose a more vibrant colour, you can rest assured that is going to stay looking good season after season.

There is a variety of colours to choose from

So if you have a large garden and wanted to colour-code pathways leading to various destinations, we could do that with ease. The fact that each stone is bonded with resin means there is no loose debris lying around. This offers additional peace of mind, as it reduces the risk of tripping.

This has become an increasingly popular method, as the installation is quick, the result is very low maintenance and long-lasting, even with the most complex design and shapes. If you are prepared for compliment s from your guests and neighbours, go for resin pathways.

Before and after

Resin bound garden paths colours:

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