From pathways to patios – resin bound surfaces are one of the best kept secrets in the UK. This method has been around for years, yet only now it’s gaining momentum. It’s a versatile, permeable and durable solution that can help you rejuvenate your property – inside and outside.

Resin Bound Driveways, Floors and Walls in London, Maidstone and South

We predominantly cover the South East, South West and the Midlands of the UK, however we do provide national coverage for selected clients.

We also do resin patios, resin garden paths, resin kitchen floors, resin living room floors, resin office floors and rubber flooring.


We specialise in installation of resin bound floors, walls and resin bound driveways

When it comes to houses, every detail counts.

It’s great to be able to display a faultlessly sculpted driveway and weed-free garden paths every time friends come by. Even when they show up unexpectedly.

It is even better, when the effect can be achieved without having to spend hours weeding and pressure washing our stone surfaces. Find out more about resin bound techniques.

It’s great for both commercial and residential properties
Strong, anti-slip and durable stone floor
Can be used indoors in kitchens and bathrooms with underfloor heating
Perfect for vertical and horizontal areas alike
Create your own patterns and design unusual shapes

Available colours

EXTERIORS: driveways, paths and patios

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INTERIORS: quartz floor, quartz wall, glass wall

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