We do what it says on the tin – we are resin bound specialists, by why should you choose us above all other companies applying resin bound flooring?

  • We are fully insured - For your peace of mind.
  • We operate across the UK
  • Skill and experience  - We have years of experience in construction so we know how to manage small, medium and big projects and deliver results according to your requirements.
  • Guaranteed results  - We are confident in the outcomes of our work. So much so, that you pay 50% when you book us for a job and the reminder 50% on completion – as long as you are fully satisfied with the results of our work.
  • We specialise in resin bound flooring and this is what we do - We have been applying resin bound flooring since 2013. We focus on delivering best possible results – using the appropriate materials, developing great designs and implementing them meticulously. There are no distracting services in our portfolio – all our activities are resin bound – related. So, you can rely on our expertise and dedication.
  • Quality materials - We never compromise on excellence – resin we use is always of quality appropriate to the surface we are applying our resin bound flooring on; whether it’s stone surface or rubber flooring, we always choose appropriate materials.
  • The bigger picture - We never look at the surface alone, but we analyse how it’s going to be used as well. In order to deliver result you will be satisfied with, we need to take the following factors into account:
    - Is this a high traffic area
    - Is it going to have to withstand heavy loads
    - Is it likely to be sprayed with chemicals
    Our experience shows that understanding the context of the job really makes an impact on the final effect.

What customers say:

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