From home swimming pools to public swimming pools

Wherever there is water, there is a high risk of slipping as well. When it comes to spaces in and around swimming pools, this risk is even higher than usual, as these – where public pools are concerned – are places with high footfall, where many people rush about and, especially children would instead run excitedly towards the water.

One way of reducing the risk of slipping is using resin bound quartz for swimming floor surrounds. It performs well even in areas of very intense footfall, like spas, leisure centres, public fountains, and school pools. Therefore, we recommend it with confidence for private pools and paddling pools as well.

Smooth, seamless finish – great to the touch

All the things you worry about when entering a pool area, are now taken care of:

  • Quartz floor is seamless, therefore limiting the risk of tripping on an uneven or cracked tile
  • Non-slip coating helps to reduce the number of accidents
  • Easy maintenance means you make the most of your resin bound floors, with minimum effort
  • Quartz floor gives you a smooth finish with fewer puddles
  • Practical, easy to maintain and quick to install alternative to concrete or tiles
  • Great choice of colours and finishes to create an array of patterns

While we are talking about swimming pools, be it commercial establishments or private, we would like to mention changing rooms, wet rooms and bathrooms as well: in schools, hotels and private houses. All of those can be equipped with quarts floors. In addition, quartz floors, or quartz carpets, work great with underfloor heating.


Quartz floor for new swimming pools and for swimming pool renovations

Another advantage of the seamless surface is that should you wish to incorporate a design around a pool or a changing room area, you need only ask. Quartz floors come in various finishes and colours, so if you have a specific design in mind, even if you think it is an idea too complicated to incorporate in a quartz floor, please give us a call on 0784 0467 829 and we may be able to come up with a plan to make it happen.

No pool too small, no challenge too great

We love natural quartz with grade 1-3 millimetres, and the flexibility it offers for old swimming pool renovations and construction of new facilities. From small paddling pools, inside or outside, to spa and swimming complexes covering a large area, quartz flooring is our material of choice to fit them all.

Quartz pool surround: as versatile as your requirements

However, with the choice of colours and finishes, no two swimming pool surrounding areas have to be the same. You can be as versatile as you wish. We can also carry you design over all areas, beginning from the outside space, finishing at the last corner inside the building. Always seamless, durable, hard wearing and easy to maintain.

Colours that last

You not only have a choice of colours, grades (thickness of the individual stones) and finishes but also can decide whether you wish your surface to be sealed or permeable. We recommend permeable quartz flooring for the outside pool surround. The porous structure of the quartz flooring will allow the water to be absorbed, thus reducing the number of wet patches on the surface. For the inside pools, however, we recommend sealed quartz floors, which are very easy to maintain.

Impervious to wear and tear

Another critical aspect of quartz flooring and a definite advantage is that it is resistant to chemicals and decolouration, meaning that it will look good and last for years to come.

Quality finish, on budget

Resin bound quartz pool flooring gives you the luxury, non-slip surface you want, without breaking the bank. Whether it is important to you that all the features of the house and the pool blend into the surroundings or perhaps you want them to stand out, resin bound quartz floors will allow you to fulfil your wish. It is an excellent way of making your pool surround not only comfortable to walk on, but also quite lovely to look at.

From straight lines to sharp curves

This material makes it easier to achieve more complicated shapes and combination of colour. What would be a challenge for timber, for instance, you can accomplish with resin bound pool surround with little to no extra effort. This could mean savings, especially in case of ambitious curves, complicated angles and intricate pattern arrangements.

A way of making your space amazing

When an area you have to work with is especially unusual: very small, extra-large, with uncommonly angled borders, quartz floors may be the solution to help you achieve the look and finish you are really after.

Pool, pond, fountain…

If you are thinking about designing or re-designing your pool space, consider how the whole area is going to be used. Is it going to be just for sport? Is it going to be an area to entertain as well? What style is your home designed in? Who is going to be using it most often: children, the whole family? Do you need to include ramps? Resin bound pool surrounds will fulfil those requirements. What is more, they can be installed on most surfaces (that is what makes them such a popular choice for space makeovers), and you can incorporate lights or ramps with ease. Therefore, if your vision includes lights guiding the users through pre-defined paths during your garden parties, resin bound floors may be the best answer on the market right now.

Seamless, smooth, non-slip, low maintenance, permeable or sealed finish with a multitude of colours to choose from: this is what resin bound pool surrounds have to offer. Find out how we can make that work for your project.

Almost 40 colours to choose from

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For more information, best contact us directly at 0784 0467 829, and we will do our best to advise you on the latest colours and finishes.